Team San Jose Results Show Best Quarter Yet
Revenue up 18.7% over prior year and up 57% since 2004

SAN JOSE, CA. - June 27, 2007 — Results released today by Team San Jose, operator and manager of the McEnery Convention Center and cultural arts facilities, show their best quarter yet with an increase in revenue of 18% over the prior year. Other achievements include the fourth quarter of 2007 as the first $3 million revenue generating quarter since award the contract to manage the McEnery Convention Center and cultural arts facilities. Team San Jose has increased revenue by 57% over the last three years.

"We are proud to serve the City of San Jose and offer excellent service to customers," said Dan Fenton, CEO and Chairman of Team San Jose, also the CEO of the San Jose Convention and Visitors Bureau, "revenue results demonstrate a strong end to a successful year, and our projections for next year show an even bigger return."

Last month, Team San Jose’s unique service delivery was showcased in Convene Magazine, a nationally recognized meeting planner magazine. Since its establishment in 2003, Team San Jose continues to demonstrate success as a national leader in convention center management.

For several months, San Jose has participated in an independent evaluation with six other participating center operators from the west coast, including Reno, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Diego, and Phoenix. June results confirm strong revenue results in the areas of building rental and food and beverage revenue. Both measurements put San Jose in the top three producing centers.

Team San Jose, created in 2003, is a non-profit organization supporting a unique partnership consisting of local San Jose labor, hoteliers, the arts and the convention and visitor bureau, all working together as a team to provide seamless customer service.

Team San Jose competed against other public and private companies vying for the City of San Jose contract to manage and operate the McEnery Convention Center and cultural arts facilities. Team San Jose beat the competition and began as operator in 2004.

Funding for the convention center and cultural arts facilities is funded through a dedicated portion of the hotel occupancy tax as well as revenues generated by the facilities. The San Jose Convention and Visitors Bureau, a partner of Team San Jose is funded also through a portion of the hotel occupancy tax to market and promote the city and its facilities.

About Team San Jose
Team San Jose's mission is to ensure that San Jose's Convention Center and Cultural Facilities are effectively managed to reduce costs, improve the local economy, and add value for our customers, residents, workers, and businesses within the City of San Jose. Team San Jose's board includes local hoteliers, organized labor, the arts and the Convention & Visitors Bureau.

About The San Jose Convention & Visitors Bureau (SJCVB)
The San Jose Convention & Visitors Bureau (SJCVB) mission is to enhance the image and economic well being of San Jose by marketing San Jose as a globally recognized destination. The SJCVB offers meeting planners, tour operators, and individual visitors a wide range of services to ensure a successful event and fun visit to San Jose. To receive a copy of the Bureau's Meeting Planning Guide or Official Visitors Guide, please contact the SJCVB at 1.800.SAN.JOSE (1.800.726.5673) or visit