San Jose Arts Leaders and Team San Jose Receive Support from San Jose Mayor and City Council to form nonprofit group

SAN JOSE, CA. - March 14, 2007 The San Jose Mayor and City Council approved to amend Team San Jose's contract to create a nonprofit organization led by San Jose Arts leaders to help preserve local theaters.

"The preservation fee offers opportunities for funding that previously has not been available to upgrade our facilities," said Michael Miller, CEO and Executive Producer of American Musical Theater of San Jose, "this is a win for the City, Arts groups, our cultural facilities and ultimately the community."

The City's approval of the Theater Preservation Fund moves forward the creation of a 501(c)3 headed by San Jose Arts groups and supported by Team San Jose. As a nonprofit organization, the Board will have an opportunity to apply for grants and other funding opportunities.

"For years, we have struggled with how to keep our theaters in a condition worthy of a first rate city," said Andrew Bales, "we have an opportunity to ask our customers to help us preserve assets to San Jose's community."

A theater fee will be placed on individual tickets sold to help improve attendee experience by supporting capital improvements and equipment needs.

"The Theater Preservation Fund is an exciting opportunity to improve our theaters, create unique theater experiences for visitors to enjoy and support our arts groups and downtown," said Dan Fenton, CEO and Chairman of Team San Jose and the CEO of the San Jose Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Many communities across the country have invested in their theaters through this type of partnership, including New York City, Saint Paul, Minnesota, Seattle and Philadelphia. {more}

The new nonprofit will create a Board of Directors to manage the facility funds, working with the City who own the facilities. In partnership with Team San Jose, the 501(c)3 Board of Directors will be made up of San Jose's cultural arts leaders including Silicon Valley Symphony, Ballet San Jose, Opera San Jose, American Musical Theatre San Jose, a representative of San Jose's small arts groups, Children's Musical Theatre San Jose, and a City and Redevelopment agency representative.

About Team San Jose
Team San Jose's mission is to ensure that San Jose's Convention Center and Cultural Facilities are effectively managed to reduce costs, improve the local economy, and add value for our customers, residents, workers, and businesses within the City of San Jose. Team San Jose's board includes local hoteliers, organized labor, the arts and the Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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